Karma Release and Healing

Your success & failures are outcome of your past Karmas!karma release and Healing

It’s REAL! It’s IMMEDIATE! It’s based on SCIENCE!

•An EXTRAORDINARY opportunity to “BURN your KARMAS” from this lifetime, past lives and ancestral patterns (pitradosha) that are limiting your life with OMKAR SHAKTI KRIYA

You will take a step forward to clear the invisible forces of KARMA that are controlling your life, attracting certain UNWANTED situations or people into your life, creating diseases and blocking the flow of success, money, joy and love into your life.

Is this program for you? The answer is ‘Yes’ if you resonate with any or all of the following
● Inability to detach yourself from relationships that you know have a negative effect on you. 7OR unable to attract healthy loving relationships in marriage, work, family
● Feeling helpless, trapped, powerless or victimized (as if your ‘remote control’ is in others’ hands);
● Deep feeling of guilt or shame; Inability to forgive yourself and others
● Deep patterns of negative behavior or self-sabotage like addiction, anger ;
● Prolonged episodes of depression, chronic fatigue or physical diseases
● Experiencing blockage in flow of money and success

6Living FREE of Negative KARMA!
Impossible is Possible NOW!
Relationship, Success, Confidence, Money, Health, Power & more

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