Alchemy of Kriya Breathwork & Sacred Sounds

A 2 day powerful and transformational journey Infused with the ageless principles of Kriya Yoga

3Kriya Breathwork and sacred Sound vibrations will take you on a transformational journey! The harmonic interplay between intuitive breath and sound vibration has the ability to induce natural yet powerful healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is not a typical pranayama exercise or ‘yogic’ breath practice, but certainly transformational!

As evolving human beings, it is a critical time for us to align with mindful practices that allow us to let go of stress, fears, and repetitive patterns of dis-ease that we hold in our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

It is time to transcend and transmute life’s challenges and chaos (health, financial, relations etc.); aligning from a heart-centered place, create and manifest what you desire from that void space within with greater ‘trust’! imagesh

In this workshop you will experience:

  • Clearing repressed emotions by allowing the release of old patterns and stored negative energy
  • Clearing outdated and stubborn behavioral pattern responses that create limitations
  • Accessing and moving your inner mountains (chakras, cellular memory, autonomic nervous system, and your subconscious);
  • Helping detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells
  • Alleviating fatigue and restore calm
  • Anger and stress relief, releasing addictions
  • Building increased internal energy to support your creative manifestations. • tangibly feel Qi-energy and move with it.
  • Awakening higher states of consciousness And your true soul essence
  • Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness

The workshop will combine different styles of “the breath”, including LeBoyer, Rebirthing, Holotropic, Transformational, Sufi Breathing, Yogic Breath and Pranayama along with deep sound vibrations or Tibetan Bowls, powerful Mantra vibrations, shamanic drumming ..structured on Kriya Yoga framework..

Alchemy_of_Light-Infinity“Your Breath is Always with You, Master It!” - Harry

"The deep sound vibrations nurtures you from within.. healing you in the cellular and atomic level of your physical and energy bodies!” - Navana

“We have learnt and been graced by Ageless Yogis who live 500 years without food, Self Realized Masters who can blast you with energy, Buddhist monks who meditate all day, Siddhas who meditate under water for hours, Incredible Shamanic Masters, Aboriginals who are one with forest and Nature..”

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