Navana’s message for you:

Hello friend,

I am your tarot and oracle reader, a psychic and energy healer.

I was born with innate gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience with the ability to foresee things that no one else could and could easily see many of my past lives. Tarot in Newzeland

I have been chosen by the Divine Angels to assist you in finding guidance, clarity, and immediate answers to your questions through tarot and oracle reading. The cards will provide you with deeper insight into your relationships, career, finance, situations in life and possible  future outcomes. tarrot in newzeland is the service we providwe
We all need insights at times. Let me help you find yours!

I’m a good listener who is sensitive, caring and gentle, giving you an opportunity to express your thoughts and inner most concerns around  yourself , non judgmental person to listen to the challenges that you face,  feel free to offload your problems as this can be incredibly healing in itself. Tarot in Newzeland

I will walk the path together with you, channeling for you the divine messages and guidance of your spiritual guides, Archangels and cosmic angels, showing you how to clear blockages and negative energies and help you achieve your goals!

I have been initiated in the spiritual path by illuminated Masters and have meditated in major energy portals having clients across the world,.. My mission is to help you, transform your life materially and spiritually, Tarot in Newzeland  and how to manifest your heart’s true desire.

You can combine our other divination healing practices: dream analysis, crystal healing, aura healing, past life regression, angelic yoga, lifestyle coaching.

Love life and life will love you back.

I am here for you! Look forward to speaking to you!

Love and light!

Tarot in Dubai


"You read for me and my friends at our corporate incentive event. It was great fun, it made our evening really different and we were all amazed at how our readings were so different, yet relevant to each of us. I will definitely recommend you and look forward to another evening in our next month get together. Thank you!"
Claudia, Spain

"Navana thanks so much for the great job you did entertaining our guests for our Dubai brunch function. Your warm charming beautiful presence brightened our room and all our guests loved the experience of you reading their tarot cards."
– Anna Dawson, Dubai

"Navana was flexible in how the readings were completed. She was lovely for the whole time and everyone came away feeling amazing about it. The bride-to-be was blown away by the accuracy of the readings too, and loved listening to Navana read the tarot cards for all her close friends. Would definitely recommend to anyone, and have already."
– Shweta, Mumbai

"Navana is not only incredibly gifted, but extremely wise...offering on-target suggestions for bettering your life. I took away so much from my reading."
– Cynthia


"Excellent read, as far as I'm concerned. Gave me some solid things to be on guard or on the lookout for. Also some positives and encouragement. Thank you so much."
– Brandon


"I had a beautiful reading with her. Extremely patient reader, i couldnt ask for more :) thank you for reading me tonight. I feel blessed.."
– Vanessa


"Wonderful reading along with a very uplifting personality thank you, I will be back soon."
– Mohammad


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Some Interesting FACTS about Tarot

History of Tarot
No one knows exactly when or where Tarot originated. Opinions vary but history suggests they may have come from Egypt, China or even India and that they were brought to Europe during medieval times by gypsies.
The tarot deck comprises of seventy eight cards, split into two parts called the major arcana and the minor arcana. The twenty two cards that make up the major arcana tell the story of mans journey through life and give us the ‘colour’ of the reading. The remaining fifty six cards are known as the minor arcana and these give the ‘tone’ of the colour. tarrot in dubai

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic is someone who has developed their 'sixth sense' to link into the collective consciousness. The early stages of psychic awareness are indicated, for example, when you 'know' who is on the end of the phone or you think about someone you haven't heard from in a long time, then you bump into them. With time, effort and patience anyone can develop their psychic ability.

A medium is someone who can link into the spirit world and provide evidence of survival. When I work mediumistically I think: C (Who is the Communicator), E (What is their evidence), S (Shared memories ), M (What is their message).

One thing to remember, whilst not all psychics are mediums, all mediums are psychic!

Is it true that Tarot card readings have a link with numerology?

Definitely. Every card has a numeric value. For example, Aces (1) indicate new beginnings, 2 indicates choices and so on. The cycle of life is reflected in each ascending number. The final number in the suits 10 becomes 1 again and thus the start of a new cycle.

Plato and Einstein, to mention just two important scientific philosophers, gave much credence to numerology. Although it is a whole new topic in itself, it is a surprisingly accurate tool to help you understand your life path.




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All readings are based on the current situation at the time of the reading.Navana’s readings have a high rate of accuracy, any outcome of tarot can change if situations change in the person in reading

By popular request, we have now introduced Gift Vouchers which can be used as part or full payment for any of the services I offer. These vouchers have proven to be very popular gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Days and more.Tarot in newzeland is the service we provide in newzealand

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