Meditation-An Idea or Journey

Meditation is the only journey where you are NOT going anywhere! Your body, your mind, your thoughts are just at one place at one time. Every other journey, either your body or your mind/ thoughts are travelling.

Meditation is not ‘Praying, Focussing, Chanting, Contemplating, Expecting, Watching your thoughts, Mantra reciting, Pranayama and Yogic excercises, reading spiritual books, Sankirtana, Going into the past or Future, Affirmations, Crying or Laughing etc etc...’. Meditation is ‘JUST BE.’

The next question: How to meditate??? It is not easy initially to train yourself to be at one place but the moment you put your intention, slowly it becomes easy (Sehaja) and gradually with repeated efforts you master it. The body starts recognizing it and the mind starts surrendering. Once you master it, than it is easy to meditate anywhere, anytime. Your whole state of being becomes meditative.

Your mind has a habit of listening. All the time either your mind is listening to the outside sounds and noise or when you are by yourself, you listen to your inner voice and sounds.

So, one way you prepare yourself initially through physical body: getting your physical body ‘used to’ the new change. That is why ‘Pranayama, Yoga, Hatha Yoga, breathwork etc were developed by our ancestors so your body and mind becomes calm.

Or you train your mind by way of Mantra Chanting, affirmations etc. The mind being more restless than the body, once you master your mind, the body automatically surrenders.

Once you achieve this stage, just follow your breath and start going deeper and deeper within your ‘Self’ and even surrender to your breath. Whatever that is not yours will start coming out. You might start feeling pain in certain body parts, tears might roll out, self repentance might happen, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! These are the thoughts or attachments that are no longer serving you any purpose.

The Nature will give you a chance to shed these unwanted thoughts and attachments or in other words ‘Karmic baggage’. The true nature of human is peace, unconditional love and silence. Everything else is just the socially conditioned thoughts you have acquired during your life span. And what is not ‘yours’ will leave you. Either you let go with understanding or with pain, the choice will always be yours. Slowly when you start going much deeper inside you, you will come face to face with your ‘devils’. That is Ego, Anger, jealously, greed, perverted thoughts, attachments etc.

Meditation is the journey where your growth is possible only when you have confronted your past actions and have developed an understanding to why it happened to you or why you were forced into a particular situation. You must acknowledge you dark side. For you can’t understand ‘Light’ until you understands ‘Dark’. You can’t understand the truth until you understand the lies, You can’t understand love until you have faced hurt and sadness. You must become brave and honest to accept yourself the way you are.

You must not hold yourself guilty and you must forgive yourself for past deeds, you must forgive others and accept them the way you are just as you want to be acknowledged, loved and accepted. No one is different from you. You must embrace everyone with Love and compassion same as you want to be loved and accepted. All these understandings, acceptances will be happening by itself during your journey. You just ‘BE’. Soon you will be shedding your past and starts going back to the source, after all this is what we all want, ‘To experience ‘ALL THAT IS’, ‘God’, To merge with ‘HIM’.

You will be completing the full circle only to realise, it is not outside you were seeking, it is within yourself. You are an ocean of Unconditional Love, You are Peace, You are Happiness. And this is the true nature of ‘God’, ‘The Supreme’, ‘The Creator’. So how can you be different from him. You realise ‘YOU ARE GOD’ and ‘GOD IS YOU’. Both merged into one and that is the stage of non duality. Nothing is separate, there is only one consciousness and you are right in the middle of it. No trees, plants, animals, mountains, stars are separate, They all are you and you are everything. You have become humble, compassionate, surrendered, flowing with the flow – You have become ‘Self illuminated, Realised Master’

So friends let us all realise and merge into ‘ONE’

Happy meditating. God bless all!

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