Our Connection with Babaji

‘We seek Babaji iMahaavatar Babaji1n our every breath…”

In 1980 Navana’s birth was blessed by the vibhuti (sacred Ash) of Babaji in Haidakhan. As a toddler she spent vast majority of time playing around Babaji in the ashram of Haidakhan in the Himalayas immersed in his grace and eternal bliss of the Universe. Babaji appeared to her in physical form of woman in Italy and in visions, meditation and dreams from time to time guiding her in Spiritual purification and self mastery and spreading His message to the world. She is working as the Channel of pure Light of Babaji spreading Truth Love & Simplicity!

Harpal (Harry) became aware of Babaji's grace in his life since the age of 7. Harry's mother took him to Bahath Sahib (in Punjab) when he was ill as a child. This place is graced by Nath yogi Baba Sri Chander (Elder Son of Sri Guru Nanak) who meditated here for 62 years! Baba Sri Chander in known to be avatar of Mahavatar Babaji. Mahavatar Babaji initiated Harry into Breath work and yogic  Kriya mantra during his deep meditative state. The Ageless Yogi is a constant guide to Harry in every step of his earthly lifetime. Harry says "I remember the day when I  desperately cried for his presence, that night Babaji came and hugged me so tight that I remember the closeness of his very touch and breath. His body fragrance is still so fresh in my memory."  Harry is spreading the teachings of Yogic breath and Alchemy of Breath to the true seekers under the guidance of Babaji.

"I bow to you Babaji for showering your grace on me".

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