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"I appear in many forms but it is best that I appear in your Heart. This is where I am always. This is where I speak to you. This is where you speak to me."

"To devotees I give Abhaya Dhan, the blessings of my protection, by which you will always be protected. So you should be fearless. I am responsible for you and your liberation. My protection never abandons you, not even for a second !”

"Whosoever   comes   to me with love, then I will show   him/her love beyond anything imaginable."

"From pain comes strength. From the negative comes the positive. Relish in this strength. Nurture it. It will take you through the great fire. It will pull you up to the high path. It will light you up to serve as a beacon for humanity. Sentient beings will come out of the darkness to your beacon of light to destroy the lower destructive self."

"I am nobody and nothing. This body has no meaning. I am only a mirror in which you can perceive yourself. I am like fire: don't stay too far away or you will not get the warmth. But don't get too near or you may burn yourself. Learn the right distance."


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