Harpal is a true believer and follower of living life naturally. He believes that each person is unique, as no-one has lived the same life as you, nor do they have the same formation of thoughts and emotions. Harpal has not only trained in the practical side of therapy for the last 14 years, but has also looked at his own fears, hurts and pain, and this has given Harpal a deep understanding to roots of human suffering.

Harpal is gifted with extra sensory perception since his childhood. His parents were mystified at the depth of his knowledge and wisdom at such a young age. His passion and involvement in the Nature, natural health and wellbeing gave him mystical experiences, deeper knowing of the Soul and love of the Spirit. For Harpal, life is all about being natural. He was acclaimed as a excellent sportsman and cross country runner in the early years.  PLR Dubai

Even though Harpal was on top of his career running his own consultancy in food safety and quality in New Zealand, his inner quality as seeker made him to explore different facets of healing and spirituality. He experienced an intense feeling of inner void from time to time that demanded answers. He traveled far and wide accumulating a wide wealth of wisdom. Harpal went into seclusion living like a hermit, not speaking to anyone, silence as his friend opening the doorway of cosmic wisdom.. He received many secret insights of the mind-body-soul connection, parapsychology and the world beyond the physical senses. After this intense period of working on himself, Harpal chose his heart’s calling to work in the field of healing, counseling and training. He is a Master in Kriya Yoga and Pranic Yoga.

Harpal is clairvoyant and sees the unwanted blockages in the client’s energy field, identifies the trans generational patterns of blocked energy in relationships, in the family system and helps to remove all blocked energy from physical, emotional, mental and causal plane.

Harpal is a natural healer driven by passion and devotion. His magnified pyramid healing help people rediscover their inner-self, keep their emotions and energies balanced, for better health, well-being, personal development and spiritual awareness. He is also a past life regression therapist. PLR Dubai

Harpal’s signature tri breathwork series have helped hundreds of people to de-stress, rejuvenate and rediscover their life passion and living their dream life with ease and joy.

Harpal’s union with his twin self Navana brought him the ‘wholeness’ in his life plan, he considers the union as an angelic blessing. They share the same inner quests, and devoted to walk the same path helping people to empower themselves in body, mind, emotion and spirit.

You will find Harpal as dynamic yet down to earth, straightforward, reassuring and easy to understand.

2Navana was born in a well off business family in India who was yet very spiritual. Since childhood she was a bit different, she had innate gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. As a child Navana had powerful dreams, and could forsee things others couldn’t, remember past lives effortlessly and communicate to beings.

Her birth was blessed by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji, by his vibhuti from sacred fire ceremony in the mountains of Haidakahan. At the age of nine, Navana was initiated by a revered yogi in India. As a child she traveled far and wide with her family in spiritual quest of receiving grace of ancient yogis of the Himalayas.

As she grew up Navana felt a deep desire to travel around the world. Her heart was big and open and lead towards learning in depth the different cultures and their people. She spent years living in the rich cultural cities in Europe in Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, and Milan. She worked in the world’s fashion capital Milan and reached the top of the fashion business in Italy and then in Hong Kong. Later Navana was invited to join a multinational corporate events company in Barcelona, Spain. She also opened her own multinational events company working with prestigious corporate globally in Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia. In other words, Navana was experiencing the abundance of great material success.

However, her life transformed during her trip to India. A series of events led her to reflect, introspect and question the true meaning of life and her purpose. She started learning about different healing methods from illuminated Masters around the world. It is during this time she met her life partner Harpal in a deep healing workshop in Goa. They recognized each other immediately from several past lives together. They embraced their life path together determined and devoted to help humanity with great sincerity. They traveled across the world together meditating in PLR Dubai  major energy portals and giving their healing service to the people.

Navana rediscovered her old connection with the tarot and oracle cards. Her readings were greatly enjoyed and became a regular among many of her corporate clients internationally. Following her frequent dream messages and signs, she joined initiation of Angelic study and therapy. She was deeply connected to crystals and used their healing energies to alleviate problems for her clients. She worked together with Harpal in past life regression therapy for many of their deeply satisfied clients.

With her born metaphysical talents, hunger to learn more, powerful spiritual guidance of illuminated Masters and angels, worldly experience with love and loss, Navana is working alongside Harpal to share the teachings and benefits that they themselves have experienced and continue to experience in their lives today.

Together Harpal and Navana practices and trains more than 20 energy healing modalities such as magnified pyramid healing, pranic healing, tri breathwork, tarot and oracle reading, crystal therapy, past life regression therapy, kriya yoga, inner child healing, aura and chakra scanning and healing, angel therapy, dowsing, angelic yoga, meditation, dream interpretation, signs and symbols and more..

They have traveled across the world together meditating in major energy portals and giving their healing service to the people with devotion and dedication.

They believe life is magical. You are constantly making choices and creating your own life. By understanding ALL that you are, by tapping ALL your creative potential, by seeing ALL that your future could hold, you open the way to create your future as you desire

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